Private Lessons  & Bridal Waltz

These can be arranged on a Monday or Thursday nights in Sutherland  prior to and after the classes and at the studio in Bowral.  The benefits to your dancing and saving of both time and money long term are enormous. Private lessons can be taken in any style taught at Dance Beat or a combination of styles. Short term lessons commonly cover wedding preparation, medal or competition training, or specific targets such as particular moves, leading, spinning, fast tracking to the next level, or the many who just want to perfect their dancing in the most effective manner or find the classes are not giving them what they want. These lessons are also a great option for couples ( or even several couples ) who do not wish to change partners whilst learning. 4 people getting together for a private lesson pay only $25 each and get the teacher to themselves for the entire hour. Do talk to Ray  if you would like to know more about this option whether as a one off lesson or a regular booking

 Key Benefits

*   One on one with a teacher

*   Move at your own pace

*   Choose what styles you would like to learn

*   Ideal for Wedding Couples


1/2 Hour               $55

1 hour                    $100

Bridal Waltz

On that special day. Wouldn't it be nice to glide around the floor in perfect unison? Learn a few basic moves so that you both feel comfortable with your bridal dance.  

We focus on what is important, making you move and look like two people becoming one. 

Gone are the days of a traditional waltz.

Today's wedding dances are fun, personal and a memorable element of the marriage celebration.

Keep it simple and move confidently around the floor to your special song.

  • Fun and relaxed
  • Extensive music library
  • Personalised service
  • Flexible hours to suit
  • No programs
  • Couples or bridal groups
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