Frequently asked  questions 

Do I need to book in?

 For scheduled classes you can simply turn up 10 mins before the lesson . New Beginners can start up to the  second week of a term without prior discussion with one of the principals/class teachers.

Do I need a partner?

 No, partners are not required though obviously we cannot guarantee even numbers. We do however invite students from higher classes to dance down a level for revision which helps ensure partners for all. 

What is the age range?

Dance Beat is promoted as an adult social dance school, though we have had students from early teens join the classes. Occasionally we have entire families dancing together. We also have students in their 60's and 70's, but the most common age bracket is generally 40 -55. The recent explosion of dance movies and TV series is also producing interest in the 20 - 30 bracket.

What do I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothing ( it does get hot when you dance regardless of air-conditioning ) Leather or suede soled shoes are the best -  or anything that does not grip the floor as this can lead to knee strain. Ladies can wear heels or flats - whatever you are most comfortable in, or what you would wear if you were out dancing.  For lessons in community centres and halls we also recommend you bring a bottle of water.

What style should I start with?

 This really depends on your taste in music i.e. if you love some good old Rock 'n' Roll, then the choice is obvious. These classes are generally the most popular to start with, particularly for men who have never danced before. They can tackle one dance and build confidence in leading. There is also more opportunity locally to use Rock 'n' Roll and Swing at RSL clubs etc.

Ballroom and Latin is better for those who want to be able to dance to a wider range of music for use at weddings, functions or after dinner to a duo for example.

How long does it take to learn?

As long as a piece of string. We keep it fun and relaxed. The 8 week beginners course introduces you to the rhythm, leading & following and usually 5 - 10 variations ( moves ). To become a solid, comfortable dancer generally takes 3 - 6 months but then it is a skill you will have for life.

Wedding preparation is usually done in private lessons and we recommend 2 - 4 lessons where we teach you to dance comfortably to your chosen song/s.

 Can I pay as I go?

 Yes, you can pay week to week - or save money by paying by the Term. 

 Do you rotate partners?

 We do encourage students to practice with as many people as possible as this helps lead and follow establish. However we also respect that some couples come to us to pursue an activity together. We give you the option.

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