Classes & Workshop

New  8 Week Terms   For  2021

Term 2 – Monday 26th April

Beginner Rock ’n’ Roll 7 -8pm

Moves Rock ’n’ Roll 9 - 9pm

Thursday 29th April 

Social Ballroom/Latin Dance Class 7 -8pm

West Coast Swing 8 - 9pm

Term 3 – Monday 26th Jul – Sunday 19th Sep

Term 4 – Monday 18th Oct – Sunday 12th Dec

* It is preferable that you come as a couple that live at the same address or someone that you feel comfortable dancing with. Singles are welcome with no guarantee that couples will rotate or that there will be a partner to dance with

* We will ensure social distancing between couple before, during and after class. This distance must be a min of 1.5m

*  There will be hand sanitisers at the front desk.

*  You will have to check in with a QR code

* If you have any Symptoms or been in any hotspots you must not attend,

* You can pay with cash / direct deposit and hopefully if i can get it working Credit Card

Please email or message so I can confirm booking and send payment details

Rock 'n' Roll Basics 

Rock and Roll will never die. Still popular with all ages, and danced to great music of the 50's/60's or just as good to current music. Fun, easy and a great social skill and avenue for meeting people, not to mention the health benefits. 

The Social Dance Class

Slow Rhythm, Waltz, Box Rumba & Cha Cha. Do you watch with envy as other couples hit the dance floor and wish it was you. Then this is the class for you. Learn the basics in these dances and you will soon be moving around the dance floor. Ideal starting point for those getting married or anyone that is just wanting to have fun.

West Coast Swing

This smooth style of partner dancing can be danced to Blues, R & B or even contemporary music. Once you have learnt the basic patterns it expands into a dance for all occasions. Come along and try something different.

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